I think I may need more sleep

When I started this blog I called myself the mombie because I was seriously sleep-deprived (as in less than two hours sleep at a time for YEARS). Obviously things have changed since then, and both of the kids sleep much better now (upwards of 10 hours most nights – I never thought the day would come) and I sometimes feel like my blog title is no longer as dead-on as it once was.*

Today, however, I am totally a Mombie.

I haven’t been sleeping well for the last week or so. No big worries, nothing weighing me down, plenty of time to sleep, but I’m just getting poor quality sleep all around.**

I know this will pass, but in the mean time I am driving myself batty.

For example, today I sent out invites to my annual Canada Day party. Correction: I created a facebook event for my party, and somehow managed to not invite anyone. I only discovered that when I asked The Man to log on to facebook and accept the invite so I wouldn’t be the only one attending (I hate that!) and he started to laugh because he hadn’t been invited to a party at his own house. Mistake the first.

I didn’t find out about my second mistake until I went to pick up The Boy from school and my friend G asked me how my party was going.

Turns out I facebook-scheduled the party for today instead of Canada Day and when she accepted the invite, her phone sent her a reminder that she should be on the way to the party – TODAY.

Luckily I am a writer and not a surgeon (I just typed sturgeon – ack!), or things would be going seriously wrong right now. 🙂

*For the record, my online ID varies between Ms. Strident, Smartmouth Mombie, Mombie, and my latest: isekhmet – they all fit for different reasons and different contexts.
**I had dream the other night about vampires who could only attack in dance formation, luckily I was dealing with the ones doing the hustle and I only had to dust them one at a time – I may be watching too much Buffy lately.