So, 2010, hey? So far I like it.

I had thought that 2008 was a difficult year.  Then I met 2009.  Now THAT was a difficult year.

Sure I had many marvellous moments, and I had lots of fun,so that was good.  And I learned a lot of great stuff, and met some great people.  So in many ways 2009 brought good things, but I was pretty annoyed with how I was operating in my own life.  I was happy with my friends, with my family, with many things, but frustrated at the trouble I was causing myself by being ineffective.

As a result, 2009 felt like the most unproductive year I’ve ever had.  I spent all 12 months feeling like I was running behind a train I was supposed to be on, sizing up whether I could safely jump aboard.  I never could.

All manner of important events whizzed by half done and I felt like most of my work was sheer drudgery, all about getting to the end of the to do list, rather than being involved in the process of doing.

2010, however, is a shining beacon.  2010 turns 2009 from a difficult year into a learning process.  All of that drudgery taught me what I need to change about how I operate in various parts of my life, it taught me what I want to spend more time on and what I want to let slide.

So I have spent the last few days making lists, and assessing my priorities, and seeing what ideas feel good.  And I have made a list of intentions for this year.  Not resolutions, but intentions (Thanks, Ann – I saw that in your twitterfeed).  And I am feeling very optimistic about where I stand for 2010.

And today, New Year’s Day, I have already done a fun set of exercises, worked on my novel, and had a great time making pancakes with my family.

It bodes well, methinks.

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