NaNoWriMo – Check!

I did it!  I wrote 50,000 words in November.  50,025 actually.  And I have a decent first draft of my first full novel, and I like it!

I had a huge slack time in the middle of the month where I couldn’t seem to get much written, and it looked rather grim for this goal but then I committed myself to writing a lot over the weekend and in about 30 hours I wrote 20,000 words.  I had plenty of breaks and a full night’s sleep in there too.

And the thing is? I felt GREAT.  I didn’t get all muscle-sore from sitting too long typing.  My brain didn’t fry.  It was all good, just a logical progression through a storyline that wavered around through my head while I wrote.   I enjoyed the process immensely.

Well, I did until I got to the last 1400 words and then I met with a wall of resistance so huge that I needed mountain climbing gear and some power snacks to scale it.  At that point I really didn’t want to finish,  to finish was to be able to judge it and to let it be judged,  if I didn’t finish, I could just be working on it forever.

So, I called myself out on it and actually said aloud “Christine, this is resistance and you are not giving in to it.  You can write for 5 minutes and then walk around for 5 but you will keep coming back to the screen until you are done.”

And then suddenly I was done and submitting my word count and seeing the winner’s screen come up.  I was actually light-headed for a while, blissed out with accomplishment.

And then I wanted MORE.