Bonus Reflection

This week was harsh.

One or both of my boys has been sick since November 26, and this week we all finally hit the wall.  I was skittery from not being able to work at all(with deadlines looming) and from not getting a full night’s sleep.  They were skittery from spending too much time sitting around, too much time in the house, and too much time with each other.

That much skittery in one house is not good for anyone.

I did my best to counter it, trying to find things for them to do, taking us for a walk once they felt better, and doing relaxation exercises.  As a result they were doing better but I was still edgy.

Then there’s fact that I haven’t done the Reverb10 reflections since Monday. I was really enjoying the exercises, I found the prompts interesting, and I yearned to write about the ones piling up in my inbox.  Yet I didn’t take the few minutes necessary to sit down and write about them.

Thinking about that made me think about how if things are hectic I will forget to get a drink of water, even though I am thirsty.  Or if I am in the middle of something I won’t take time to eat.

Basically, the times when I need fuel (of one sort or another) the most, I won’t stop to refuel.

So, this week, when I clearly needed some headspace, I just bemoaned the lack of it rather than taking time to find that space.

Shit, that sucks.

I’m going to need to do some paper journal rambling to figure out what to do about that.