So this one time at Taekwon-do…

I was holding the practice pads for my line and a black belt kicked me in the ribs by accident.

It hurt, but it was also really weird because I just wanted to take it as part of the process and carry on.* When you’re practicing a martial art (or any sport, I guess), there is a certain amount of discomfort/minor pain that is expected and acceptable, You just tough your way through it, and usually come out the better for it on the other side.

I’ve been thinking about it since it happened earlier this evening and I realized that learning how to just live with temporary** discomfort ties into a whole bunch of other things I am trying to teach myself.  If I can extrapolate from how I just work through some things at Taekwon-do, perhaps I can learn how to recognize when stress or frustration or temptation away from my goals is also temporary.  That would let me learn to just ‘be’ with whatever I’m feeling for the moment and figure out how to let it pass.

The question is, how to I do that extrapolation? That’s something else I have to ruminate on further.

I have a lot of thinking ahead of me. Luckily, I’m a thinky kinda dame.



*Obviously, I wasn’t seriously hurt, no bruises or anything, but I was stunned for the moment and I had tears well up. If I had been really hurt I wouldn’t have just carried on, I’ve got nothing to prove.

**And realizing that it IS temporary.