Story-A-Day May – I don’t think I can. #3

Except for the instructor, I was the last one left.

I stood in the open airplane door and looked down. I had forced myself to join everyone on the skydiving adventure. I didn’t want to be the kind of person who backed down because she was afraid, I wanted to be the kind of person who, when faced with a challenge, thought ‘Well, I jumped out of an airplane, how hard could anything else be?’

But as I stood there, I realized that I wasn’t consumed with thoughts of ‘I don’t think I can.’ Instead, I was thinking ‘Why the hell am I here? I don’t have to do this to be brave.’

So, I slid back along the inside of the plane, and sat back down. I blew the instructor a kiss and gave her the thumbs up before motioning for her to go on without me.