Story-A-Day May – I just don’t think I can. #7

(Turns out it took me longer than an hour, I had some kid-wrangling to do. 7 different little stories in less than two hours isn’t bad though, hey?)

There’s value in just not trying.

You don’t always have to be the brave one, it’s totally okay to be the wimp. It saves your ass sometimes. I’ve heard a saying about it somewhere that goes like this ‘It’s better to be a coward for a minute than dead for the rest of your life.’ That’s got merit, really. What’s the good of being a hero if you aren’t even around to enjoy it? And besides if you get to be a hero, then everyone expects you to be all heroic all the time. Who wants that?

There’s way too much pressure to step up, to have to face the demons, to dance with the devil, to defeat the bad guy. I don’t think we should be celebrating that at all. It just makes ordinary people feel bad, really, and who needs that? I’m sick of feeling bad. I just want to give up trying to be good. I just want to go ahead and fall for the evil guy’s plans and follow along. I’d be an excellent minion.

 I want to wimp out, to take the easy road, to follow the bad guy on the path of world destruction. I don’t want to be like the Little Engine That Could with that perky ‘I think I can!’ , I want to be the Little Engine Who Didn’t Give A Damn … ‘ I just don’t think I can, I just don’t think I can.’ and then I’ll slide back down the hill and hang out at the proverbial station for the rest of the afternoon.

Maybe then everyone would get off my back and let me live my life the way I like to.