I am currently at work on a bunch of fiction projects and I am revamping all of my websites and this has led to a little bit of stuck-ness as I try to figure out what content will go where. However, I also know that I will never figure this out unless I actually get back to writing in one place or another. .

Sooooo, in the interest of jump-starting my work on this, I’ve decided to do the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I’ve never done this one before but apparently lots of people choose a theme for the 26 days and I’ve decided to go with Connections.

You may not realize this but I am the Queen of Metaphor and Analogy ( I sometimes rule Simile, but that’s a part time gig) and there is nothing I like more than taking a skill or an idea I have learned in one aspect of my life and applying it to another.  Sometimes I’m pulling info from fiction I have read, sometimes it’s putting taekwon-do information into my writing practice, sometimes it’s telling myself a story about my new TKD pattern so I can remember it.

I just really like connecting information in a big web and seeing where the threads lead me. This should be a marvellous help for figure out where the pieces of my online self should sort.

So, from now until the end of April, I’ll be blogging about Connections from A-Z. Have fun reading!


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