Story-A-Day May: Connections

She stood at the bottom of the steps. They had cleaned up most of the blood but the flooring was still stained. It was like an inkblot, the kind they used in movies but that real life patients hardly ever saw.

She thought that she would have liked to see some inkblots, see what they might have told her about her motivations. Those were apparently important. Dr. Flynn had told her that once they found her motivations, then they could start to figure out her behaviour. Her triggers. Once they knew her triggers then they could help her change. And once she changed, then she could start going out into town again.

Dr. Flynn had thought that spending time with Shelby meant that she was changing. He was counting on Shelby to help her recover, to make her better, to help her connect. They connected all right but probably not in the way Dr Flynn intended. Shelby though, she was counting on connection. She thought that they had something, that they were destined to be together.

That was never going to happen, Jane didn’t work like that. She went along with it because it got Dr. Flynn off her back, gave her a break from his questions about when she was going to make an effort to get to know people. She didn’t usually bother to get to know people because once you knew them, they got annoying. And once they annoyed you, you had to get rid of them.