Story-A-Day May: Cheers

I’m going to end up coming back to this story. This is definitely not the final version, but this is ‘Story a Day May’ not ‘Perfect Story May’ so I am posting it as is.

“To us then, I guess?” Jenny poured the white wine into both of their glasses, spilling just a drop on the table between them.

They lifted the glasses and gently touched the rims together before taking a drink. Ben held his up to the light in their dining room. They had chosen a poor font for the glasses and the word Groom was almost unreadable. “I always thought these were corny, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but they seemed like the thing to do, at the time.” She looked tired and he wanted to push the hair away from her eyes but he held himself back.

“It was a good day, though, wasn’t it?” He smiled at her, thinking of how bright and beautiful she had looked, walking up the aisle towards him. He remembered the feeling, like the whole world was opening up before him, like he was seeing happily ever after.

“Oh, it was terrific. But, we’ve had a lot of good days. A lot of fun.” She finished the last of her wine and poured another glass. “Despite everything, we’ve been pretty happy.”

“Definitely. Are you happy now, though, Jenny?” He let her fill his glass again, too.

“Yeah, I am. I think this is for the best.” This time her smile looked more resigned.

“So, we’ll take one of these each, will we?” It had come down to dividing everything and now they were at their wedding glasses. The set only made sense together, you couldn’t be a bride or a groom by yourself.

“I guess. Or…” Jenny looked at him out of the corner of her eye the way she did when she was up to no good. “…or, we could smash them.”

Ben nodded. Smashing them had a lot of appeal. It was much better than owning half of a set.