Story-A-Day May – Romance

Jeanine smiled despite herself.”Have I ever told you how much I hate that expression? I don’t want to be a lid nor a pot, neither of those is flattering at all.”

“It’s a metaphor!” Sheena flipped her hand over, palm up, the way she always did when she was frustrated. “I’m just trying to remind you that there is someone out there for you, you don’t have to give up.”

“I never said I was giving up. I said I was tired of this whole thing and I am. So damn tired. It feels like every guy out there is some sort of predator. I am sick of being prey. Why does this have to be so hard?” She hated the way these words felt in her mouth, she was sick of saying them, they even tastes grey and defeated.

“Okay, I have to admit that you have had a string of bad luck, but if you really want to find someone then you have to…”

“GET BACK OUT THERE.” They said it together. It was the end of every one of their conversations about finding one true love for Jeanine.

She was tired of getting back out there, for once she just wanted to trip over a Prince Charming, maybe while she was on her way home, and she didn’t want him to turn out to be a jerk, or manipulator, or only trying to get her into bed. She was happy enough to get in bed when the time was right but she was looking for the rest of the stuff too – she wanted someone to call when she was having a rough day, she wanted the shared memories with someone, she wanted someone next to her at parties, she wanted another member of her team. And she wanted to be all of that for someone else, too.

She didn’t bother saying all of this to Sheena, she already knew what Jeanine was looking for. Jeanine wanted what Sheena had with her girlfriend but she just didn’t seem to be able to find the right guy and they had long since gotten past the point where joking about Jeanine switching teams was funny.

So they sat in silence in the car on the way home, Sheena looking out the window as Jeanine drove.