Story-A-Day May: Lesson Learned

If I fully admit that this is my own fault, will you help me get back out?

I know that Mom tells me all the time to stay out of her flower garden, and I really, honestly meant to, but I don’t know, I just kind of got pulled in there. The flowers were so bright and so pretty and the colours just jumped out at me. I wanted to touch them, I needed to smell them, I wanted to know if they looked as good up close.

And they really did. In fact, they looked even better up close and the wind in that section of the garden smelled terrific and it was really exciting to be somewhere in the garden that I usually wasn’t allowed to be. And I admit, I got a bit carried away.

I climbed over the little fence around the flowers. I didn’t want to just see the flowers I wanted to be in among them and I knew that mom gets in there lots of times so I didn’t think it was really going to be that big a deal and I thought I would get right back out again right away. That was my plan. Honest.

Really. I planned to just hop right back out after a few seconds and then I was going to lean back in and sweep the dirt back over my footprints. I figured Mom would never know.

She’s going to know now though, that’s for sure.

I wasn’t even standing in the dirt for 10 seconds when I felt the first tug at my ankle. It was a green tendril from the side of a sunflower. The leaves of some sort of bush reached out to wrap around my other leg as I tried to free myself from the sunflower and then, as I tried to free myself from the bush, something else, something vine-y wrapped itself around my arms. Soon, I was covered in green from neck to feet, with only my head peeking out the top. I’m sure I look ridiculous standing here and I’ve been shouting for at least half an hour but no one has come to help me.

I guess Mom will come looking for me eventually, once it’s time for supper or something. You know what? Next time she tells me not to do something, I will totally listen. I swear.