G is for Green

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. I am super sleepy so I hope this makes sense!


G is for green.

Green is my favourite colour. It hasn’t always been, I did a yellow phase at one point and probably some other colours before that. I really settled into green in the past maybe 15 years. In a way I think it’s kind of silly to have a favourite colour but there’s something about the colour green that just speaks to me.

I have a green tattoo, I feel better when I wear green clothes or jewelry, my bedroom is green and I own a lot of green things. In fact, I have so many green things I actually feel a bit strange when I go out in the world and I’m not wearing anything green. I’m not sure if that’s about my connection to the colour or if it is about me feeling like I am not being ’truthful’ because I am not wearing any when so many people know that it is *my* colour. It (oddly) feels like I am misrepresenting myself as someone whose favourite colour isn’t green (yes, I am very strange).

Anyway, so green is my favourite colour and when I go to the stores and I see something that I like say office supplies in green I also feel like I have only just as a matter like a testimony to it being my favourite colour and to my sisters or my son will often point things out with me that to me and think all that one must be your sweater- it’s green- or there’s your stapler – it’s green- and, even though they are joking, sometimes I find it really hard to resist buying that green thing.

Meanwhile though, I don’t fit in very well with green as a metaphor. I am not particularly naive – at least as far as I know. I can usually figure out the subtext in a given situation and I usually don’t get in over my head. So I am definitely not green in the sense of being unfamiliar with the way that the world works.

And, I am not particularly environmentally inclined, so I am not green in the planet saving way. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for being environmentally conscious and I think those issues are important – but I only have so much energy to give and I pour mine into other areas. I will recycle and try to reduce and reuse and I will act when I can, but it isn’t a driving force for me.

I do love the way the colour green makes me feel though. My green coloured notebooks vibrate with extra energy, my green jade necklace feels like it brings me back to myself, my green scarf feels imbued with power. I love it when I can put a touch of green on anything at all.

And, recently, I bought myself a green tiara so I could feel like I was channeling two different types of power at once. It’s silly but hell, it serves me well, so I will use it.

What about you? Do you have a favourite colour? What is it? Do you find that objects that colour feel different to you?

*It’s kind of odd for me to have favourite for anything actually. I don’t really have a favourite meal or favourite book or favourite song. I have lots of things that speak to me for different reasons or that I go to for different reasons. Some things remind me of certain people and then they are my favourite in that moment, but I don’t have an overarching favourite in many many many many categories.

So I find it very complicated to pick something that’s my favourite and I often try to avoid the question or add qualifications about why I need to be able to have multiple answers. Interestingly, my sons have the same problem. When they are asked in school for their favourite part of the book or their favourite character they are often reluctant to answer the question. I asked them about it and they have the same trouble as me with the idea of a favourite – it seems so final and they don’t want to give a ‘wrong’ answer or one that is less than completely true. I had to remind them that the point of the exercise is the writing, not the accuracy of their answers about their favourites, and I have to remind myself the same thing a lot of the time.