Sunday Story – 100 words

The A to Z Challenge takes a break on Sundays, so I post a story. I just started the StoryADay prep class with Julie Duffy and I highly recommend it. I have only been in the class for a week and I already have 15 new story ideas, some excellent writing exercises and I feel like I am making a workable plan.

Here is one of the stories I wrote this week for the course. The challenge was a story in 100 words. By the way, this intro is 88 words! 😉


She stared at her phone until the words blurred.

She knew that this was the fashion, this was how it was done, but she couldn’t get used to it.

She would have liked to go back to the time when it was considered rude to break up with someone over the phone, when being respectful meant meeting someone in person to deliver the hard news.

Even a phone call would have been better than this though.

The text ‘We’re done.’ made its point but it broke her heart.

In a way though, she realized, breaking her heart was the point.