Small Tweaks

Ages and ages ago, I let gmail switch me to Inbox. I mostly like it but it always bugged me the way it bundled things beyond my control. I routinely missed messages because they would get nested beneath a heading and I wouldn’t see it until it was too late to respond properly.

I tried writing a reminder to myself to look in the bundles each day but it only took a few days of not finding something relevant before I would (unconsciously) decide not to bother checking. Then I would forget entirely.

So, this has been bugging me the whole time that I have been using Inbox but it never occurred to me to check and see if I could change it. I just tried to remember to look in the bundled messages and when I forgot, I just dealt with the resulting frustration.

On Monday of this week, though, I read an article about to create effective folders in Inbox and in trying to set those up, I happened upon the Bundles settings.

I have no idea why I didn’t look for them before. It’s completely logical that the settings should exist – and gmail does tend to be pretty accessible like that. I just didn’t look.

Since I made the changes, my experience with my email has VASTLY improved.

Now, I am wondering how many other small annoyances I have been putting up with for ages.

AND I wonder what kind of small tweaks I can do to eliminate them.