Artsy Fun: Zentangles

For the longest time, I didn’t think I was an artist.*

Here's one from a few years ago!

Here’s one from a few years ago! I really like making those round things.

I knew I was a performer – I can act, tell stories, do monologues, read my writing, give a talk, whatever, but I didn’t do any visual art. About 8-10 years ago, I happened upon Zentangles and discovered that I could, indeed, draw some things.

I’ve expanded into all kinds of visual art territory now – art journaling, sketchnotes, index-card-a-day challenges, (I’m doing a DIY postcard swap & Inktober this year) but it all started with Zentangles and a lot of my other artwork includes Zentangle-type patterns.

If you like doodling, you might like Zentangling, too.

I dare you to try it!

*Note: Still not an *ARTIST* artist but I do like to draw things. 🙂 You can see some of them on Instagram.