Interesting things: Nia Dance

A couple of weeks ago, I took a Nia Dance class taught by my friend, Elaine and it was a joyous experience.

I especially liked Elaine’s attitude about how to get into the movements.  And I really liked that Nia didn’t require me to be especially coordinated nor did I have to be swift with distinguishing my left from my right.*

It was glorious!

One of the things I most enjoyed was the part where Elaine gave us scarves to dance with and told us to  just move to the music. I thought I would feel ridiculous but instead, I felt like a little kid dancing for the joy of it.

Seriously, I could have been my 8 year old self in the backyard trying out dance moves with my friends.

I highly recommend Nia, especially with Elaine, and I highly recommend dancing around with a scarf.

Here’s a song to try your scarf dance with:


*I know my left from my right and I can be coordinated, it’s just not my natural automatic state. It’s a reaction time issue with my ADD, I have a slightly slower body-brain processing time, is all.