Keeping Yoga in Mind

I’ve been doing yoga every day for 10 days now since I decided that September is for yoga.

I’m really enjoying the daily practice and I love how much ease I can feel in my body already.

Those things are to be expected really, even though, somehow, the fact that exercises makes my body feel good surprises me every time.*

The thing that has really surprised me though is how this daily practice has made yoga more available to me all the time.

Now when my shoulders feel tight or if my hips are wonky, it occurs to me to do a few yoga poses to help find ease.

Usually, I might try a quick stretch but I don’t do it with the deliberate breaths and movement that I associate with yoga.

And usually I wouldn’t think to do yoga or yoga-like movements because they weren’t part of a longer or ‘proper’ practice.

But once I have done yoga in the morning, it now stays top-of-mind and available to me to use all day. It has become ‘OK’ to do just one pose at a time.

Obviously, it was always ‘OK’ but now my mind is reminding me that yoga is available to me. So instead of my brain saying ‘You don’t have time for yoga.’ it says ‘Why not try some cat-cow?’

And that is marvellous!

A white index card with a black ink drawing. The text reads ‘Day 10’ and there are ten small spiky monsters with long stripy legs drawn all over the cars surrounding the words.

Another yoga bonus, I’ve been making a little monster drawing to celebrate each day for my online yoga group.

*My ADHD-related challenges with task initiation always make it seem like exercise is going to be more trouble than it’s worth.