My homework, part two.

As I mentioned yesterday I was helping my son with his religion homework and he had to select 10 Commandments to live by and I decided to do the same thing, just for fun.

I posted my first 5 yesterday but so, obviously it’s time for the next 5 today. 

6) Rest before you need to

It’s way too easy for me to put off resting until after I get the next thing finished. However, since I have a tricky relationship with time, I end up trying to do too much and I wear myself out. Sooooo, I have started choosing/scheduling my rest instead of waiting for it to occur naturally. (When it is easy to lose track of time, it is also easy to lose track of rest.

7) Keep lists of everything but go easy on yourself about them

I have a single notebook for keeping track of stuff to do (although I will temporarily part things in my reminders app if need be) and I keep track of things that I need/want to do in there. That way, I know I have captured everything and I know where to find it.

But, I go easy on myself if I forget things or if I have put too many things on my list. I know they’re putting too many things on my list as a tenancy of mine, so I don’t have to worry when it happens. It doesn’t mean that I have screwed up, it means that I put too many things on my list.

8) Use the tools that serve you

I used to feel weird about using notebooks, reminders, and my timer because I *shouldn’t* need them. BUT, now, for me, it all comes down to ‘Does this thing make my life easier or smoother?’ Yes? Okay, let’s do it up.’ Because life doesn’t have to be hard just to prove anything. I would rather save my energy for something a lot more fun than avoiding a useful tool that could help me. 

9) Done beats perfect, every time

Are used to spend a lot of time trying to get things done perfectly but I realize that meant that I never finished anything. So now I am to get things done instead of trying to get them done perfectly.

10) Find your helpers

It is hard to ask for help particularly when you’re like me and is tricky to articulate the help that you might need. But there are lots of people out there who want to help you and who are able to help you and it’s very useful to find your own path towards asking for the help that you need and the help that other people have to offer.

I’m sure that if I thought about it I could come up with 100 life lessons or self commandments. But that wasn’t what the assignment was about it was only about 10 and there’s a lot to be learned in doing what the assignment asks and then stopping when that’s done.