Writing workshop with Rana Tahir

I enjoy all of the opportunities that have sprung up for me since everyone is moving their lives and businesses online.

I’ve attended a story circle in Ottawa and I played games with a friend in Toronto and I’ve written with people all over the world.

And yesterday, I attended a ‘How to write a Choose Your Own Adventure book ’ workshop led by Rana Tahir and hosted by Book Revue.

The funny thing was that, on Wednesday, I was driving home from the supermarket and thinking about different types of writing I would like to do. One of the types that crossed my mind was Choose Your Own Adventure books. When I got home, one of my friends had posted about Ms. Tahir’s workshop in a group chat. Serendipity!

Anyway, the workshop was great! Not only is Ms. Tahir an engaging and knowledgeable instructor but she had chosen the perfect amount of information to include.

She was clear from the start about how much information she was covering and she delivered the information clearly. It’s no wonder she could write a detailed and interlocking book – she obviously knows how to make a good plan!

I’m excited about trying to write a CYOA book but I am even more excited to see how I can use the knowledge I gained about workshop scope and design from watching Ms. Tahir.

Thanks to Rana Tahir and Book Revue for the workshop and thanks to Monique for letting me know about it!