Writing & Planning

I’m still figuring out how I want to organize my writing time this summer.

For a change, I have a lot of control over my own schedule. And my ADHD meds are at a level that allows me to plan out my projects and make the most of my time in a whole new way.

I have a novel and a bunch of short stories to revise and it feels great to know that I have the time and the capacity to reshape them into the stories I want to tell.

I haven’t figured out my schedule yet but I know that I can, and I am just going to enjoy this feeling for a few more days before I make myself decide.

After all, I don’t want to let all of this marvellous time slip away from me.

A person’s hands unrolling a rolled ‘battle plan.’
It won’t be a battle but I like the idea of unfurling a plan like this. image description: a GIF of a person’s hands unrolling a large, hand-drawn ‘Battle Plan’ on a table top.