Piece by Piece

One of my biggest challenges with ADHD has always been with breaking projects into smaller pieces or in understanding how small efforts will add up to a larger whole.

I’ve referred to it before as a ‘reverse forest for the trees issue.’ It’s not that I get so caught up in the trees that I can’t see the forest, it’s that the forest is one solid unit – I have to work hard to see that it is composed of a series of individual trees.

However, a combination of a food level of medication and some excellent systems has made piece by piece planning and work readily available to me for the first time in my life.

It really takes a lot of stress out of things, doesn’t it?

No wonder you can all work so steadily!

A GIF of red lego blocks being added together to build a larger block.
GIF description: red lego blocks are added one by one to make a larger lego block.