Sunflowers…to be

Sunflowers and daffodils are two of my favourites and I have always wanted to grow some of my own.

And while that seems like a straightforward thing to do, deciding to start planting flowers actually involves a fair number of steps and a bit of planning.

Thanks to ADHD, multiple step projects and long-term planning are two of my nemeses.

I’ve bought daffodil bulbs and then found myself in December with the bulbs still hanging in the bag in my shed.

And I’ve planted sunflowers two years in a row…too late for them to bloom.

But this year, thanks to a better level of meds and the resultant capacity to plan, I have planted sunflowers early enough.

Today, the seedlings peeked out of the soil!

(I’m doing container gardening, obviously!)

A tiny green seedling emerges from the dirt in a terracotta coloured pot.
Image description: An terracotta coloured oblong flowerpot with dark soil inside, and a green seedling just starting to curl upwards.

Now to buy some daffodil bulbs!