Balancing My Schedule

ADHD is a tricky thing to work around.

Even though I am medicated, I still need to be careful with how and when I schedule different types of work and activities.

Lots of times, I overschedule myself and then I get overwhelmed. Or, like the last few days, I sometimes underschedule myself, get off track, and then have to scramble to finish the things I wanted to do.

Both of those are frustrating scenarios and I don’t like how I feel after trying to wrangle either type of day.

For tomorrow, I have a set of tasks scheduled with some buffer time around each.

Let’s see where this falls on the scheduling scale.

GIF of TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Amy is asking Jake ‘Who’s ready for some non-stop, totally scheduled fun?’
GIF description: A scene from tv show Brooklyn Nine-Nine in which Amy Santiago is asking Jake Peralta ‘Who’s ready for some non-stop, totally scheduled fun?’