For My Own Fun

On Friday, my dear friend Elaine brought me this whirl-a-gig as a gift and I absolutely adore it (and I adore her!)

Yet, oddly enough, when I first set it up, I turned it so the beautiful shiny part was facing out into my yard and the plain back was facing the house and the patio.

I don’t know why I did that.

With that set up, someone sitting in the backyard would have the very best view of Elaine’s lovely gift.

But, from my usual reading and drawing spot on the patio, I wouldn’t be able to see the shiny colours.

And when I look out of my patio door I would just see the plain black side of the decoration.

How foolish of me.

If I am going to fully enjoy my whirl-a-gig, I need to set it up so *I* see the best bits most often.

So, today, I turned it to face me and I have been grinning at it ever since.

(I mean, every time I look that way. I have not spent the whole day grinning at an inanimate object. 😉 )

A windmill style decoration stands in a backyard.
Photo description: a black windmill-style decoration on a stick with multi-coloured ‘blades’, stands in a backyard. There are orange flowers and green leaves in the foreground. In the background you can see a wooden fence, a lawn chair, the lawn and my dog!