May 2: Two Monsters

I’m drawing ‘MAYbe 20 Monsters’ again this year.

MAYbe 20 Monsters is challenge I made up for myself a few years back in which, shockingly, I draw maybe 20 monsters or more in May.

Why monsters?

I like drawing monsters!

I’m drawing them all on the one page and later I’ll create a scene that incorporates them all.

A drawing of a pink snake-like monster with purple spots and purple wings.
Today’s Monster: a pink snake-like creature with purple spots and purple wings
An white and teal octopus-like monster but with three lumpy limbs.
Yesterday’s monster, a creature that looks like a lumpy octopus but with only three appendages. This monster has two large eyes and is mostly white but with teal colouring around the edges of its limbs and its face.