One thing at a time, right?

It’s funny how my brain keeps insisting that if I can’t do ALL of the things then there’s no point in doing any of the things.

Time after time, I have proven my brain wrong on this. I have shown it that the only way to get things done is bit by bit. Yet, it insists that I have to be working on everything all the time or nothing at all.

This brain muddle results in me feeling like I am trapped in a weird time zone where I have lots of time to putter around yet I simultaneously have too much to do.

I am somehow busily unbusy.

And the thing that would give me peace of mind – working slowly away at my projects in the ample time I have available – is the one thing that my brain resists doing.

Luckily, once I become aware of the feeling of busy unbusyness, I can take steps to stop it. Unfortunately, it can take me a while to become aware of what’s bothering me.

ADHD is quite annoying that way (and in many other ways.)