Saturday Six for April 1, 2023

I’m going to post every day in April just to see how I like it. Expect to see a fair number of lists. 😉

Here are 6 things I enjoyed this week:

1) Being able to walk in sneakers instead of boots:

A top down view of the author’s light purple sneakers as she stands on her street.
The fact that my shadow makes it seem that I have one giant leg is cracking me up here. Image description: a top down photo of my feet (in light purple sneakers) and the bottom of my legs (in black leggings) as I stand on some salt-speckled asphalt. My shadow extends up and to the left.

2) Feeling like my projects and ideas were organized. (Thanks for working the way my brain works, Todoist!)

3) Telling stories and teaching storytelling to a group of my Mom’s friends.. (We had a GREAT time!)

4) Finishing a big section of one of my current work projects. (Hurrah for working in short sessions! Perseverance for the win!)

5) Three sunny days this week. (Temperatures above freezing! Yay!)

6) Buying paint to get started on the living room. (I’ve been trying to get around to that for AGES.)