On Walking

When my kids were little, I loved going for a walk with them in the stroller.

I hated getting ready to go for a walk, all the hassle of snowsuits or sunscreen, but the walk itself felt really good.

Not only was I getting some exercise but I was being a “good” mom, making sure my kids had fresh air and that they had gotten out of the house and…you know how that virtuous feeling goes.

Pushing them in the stroller felt especially purposeful. I guess it was hard enough work that it counted for something in my brain.

When they got too old for the stroller, I still liked getting out for a walk, especially if we had a destination in mind. It wasn’t the same but it was still good.

When they got old enough I walked them back and forth to school. That, obviously, also felt purposeful.

When they no longer needed me to walk them there, I pretty much only walked when I needed to get somewhere and walking there (or home) was feasible.

Overall, I liked the *idea* of walking for exercise (and I love listening to books or podcasts while I walk) but I had trouble making myself head out unless I had somewhere specific to go.

But, once Khalee came into our lives in 2019, my walks had automatic purpose again.

On any given day, I might feel kind of meh about heading out for a walk, but I won’t let Khalee down.

Unless the weather is truly horrible/dangerous or I am very sick, Khalee and I bundle up and head out.

Sometimes it’s tricky to schedule that walk into my day but it’s always worth it. We both feel better afterwards (well, I definitely do and Khalee always seems relaxed after a walk.)

I still hate having to get us ready to go out though but at least Khalee doesn’t complain about it as much as the kids did. 😉