Delightfully Creeped Out On My Walk

I’m glad yesterday was such a wonderfully sunny day and I was in a good mood because when I saw this on someone’s lawn I could be delightfully creeped out instead entirely freaked out.

A statue of a little girl is revealed by a receding snowbank
I have a love-hate relationship with this little statue. Image description: an outdoor photo of a receding snowbank with a silvery statue of a little girl kneeling back on her heels in the middle of it. The statue is wearing a dress and pigtails and looking upward, one of her arms is extended as if pointing upwards and the other is cracked off at the end of her short sleeve. She has a small smile on her face which looks either all-knowing or shy. There is a slab of rock near her that could be a tombstone but is probably just a rock.

When I first saw it, from the side, I actually thought it was a child’s doll that had been left behind and had gotten mildewed over the winter.

A statue of a little girl surrounded by a receding snowbank
See what I mean? Image description: an outdoor photo of the side view of the statue described above – a silvery little girl statue surrounded by a receding snowbank.

Luckily, the good weather and my good mood meant that this creepy statue made me even happier.

I love when people just lean right into their weirdness.

Way to go sorta-neighbours!