Slow Start

I am moving at a snail’s pace this morning.

I wasn’t well (headache and general weirdness) last night. It threw off my sleep pattern and I woke up feeling like the bones in my skull had been rearranged.

That’s not a fun feeling, just so you know.

So, I am taking my morning pretty slowly.

The problem is, I have things going on later in the week and early next week that need to be organized now.

Someone else *could* do this stuff if I had written it all down before now but, at this point, I am the only one who can do it.

And if I just leave it until tomorrow, it will mean two things:

1) I’ll spend all day trying not to think about that stuff. Deliberately *not* thinking of stuff takes a lot of energy.

2) Tomorrow will feel rushed and frustrating

So that’s not appealing.

I wonder if I can figure out how to still do these things but just slowly and over a bit more time?

Let’s see how it goes.