Was this bird spying on me? (I kid!) (mostly)

Yesterday, I saw this tiny bird (zoom in on the top of the tree) while I was out for a walk.

A photo of the top part of a couple of evergreen trees. In the upper most branches of one is a small, gray or white bird.
Image description: a photo of the upper branches of two evergreen trees with blue sky behind them. in the spindly upper branch at the top of the photo is a small grey or white bird.

Nothing about its shape or size or actions caused me any concern but when it said. “Tweet, tweet!” , like a person doing a very poor imitation of a bird, my suspicions were raised.

Nice try, spy-bird. Nice try.

PS – Before you send someone to do a wellness check: Yes. the bird sounded like a person saying tweet. No, I don’t actually think it was a spy.