I made a comic!

I took a comics workshop with Kevin Woolridge from Heavy Sweater Comics today and had a grand time.

A photo of a comic strip drawn on white paper
Image description: a top down photo of a comic drawn on a white sheet of paper. There is a pencil on the right and the base of a drink can be seen at the top of the photo. The comic is three panels. In the first panel, a ghost -shaped person who is wearing a shirt with the letter B on it and who has an angry expression is saying ‘Hey! That’s my hat!’ to another ghost shaped person who is wearing a hat with the letter B on it and a shirt with the letter M on it is replying ‘No man, this is mine.’ In the second panel the first guy says ‘Listen Mike, there’s a B on it for me, Bob.’ And Mike replies ‘Um, well…’ and in the third panel, Bob is there, alone, and he’s shouting, ‘Mike!’ But Mike has left, there are three lines on the right indicating that Mike zipped away.