Project Slow continues

I only have one (very fun) commitment this weekend so it was tempting to pack my schedule with all kinds of house projects.

Luckily, my tired brain prevailed and just refused to plan anything at all.

This has turned out for the best as I ease my way into my weekend.

I worked on one project for an hour last night and then hung out with my husband for the rest of the evening.

This morning, I did one chore, did some reading and took a bath.

Next up, an errand and another small chore.

Just taking things a little at a time.

Overall, I need to let go of the almost-subconscious idea that I have to finish everything before I relax.

Intellectually, I know that the tasks I am trying to finish will never actually be done, they are ongoing maintenance-type tasks, but on some level, my brain wants to do them first so I don’t forget about them while I am relaxing. There’s an idea buried in there that unless all the work is done, my relaxation is somehow imperfect.

What a twisty sort of thought.

Here’s to embracing imperfect relaxation and to keeping things as slow as possible.