More tidying

Yesterday I was concerned about whether I was gonna be able to sleep in my bed because I had so many papers lying around. I did figure out how to get everything put away and was able to sleep.

And then I had some bad news last night and today I wasn’t fully functional. So, instead of trying to be productive or get things done I decided to just keep puttering along with my files and with the drawers in my desk. I feel pretty good about how it’s all getting sorted.

I think the thing that I have finally learned is that my desk and files need to be set up in the way that I use them not in the way they look best or the way that they best organized but actually in the way that I use them.

That’s a bit tricky because I’m not completely sure how I use things until I’m using them but I guess the key here is to be willing to keep changing them to keep adjusting them until I figure it out .