A soft start to my day

As part of my plan to finish 2023 soft, I’m trying to have a softer start to my days.

This morning, I woke up a little earlier than usual and couldn’t get back to sleep so I came downstairs, and puttered over my breakfast before sitting down to read with the tree lit and a candle burning.

(I turned off the ebook in case there were spoilers on that page. It’s a bright screen, I wasn’t trying to read in this dim light.)

The view of my table and my living room from the vantage point of my usual chair. There’s a mug, a candle, and an ereader tablet on the table.
A photo of the end of my table with my patio door and my Christmas tree in the background, from the vantage point of my chair. On my table runner, which is made of fabric decorated with poinsettias) there’s a red candle holder that reads ‘Merry & Bright’ with a lit candle inside, a tall blue mug with a cover on it, and an ebook in a case that props it up at an angle. The book I’m reading is called ‘Murder on a Midnight Clear.’