Deciding to be done

One of the challenges with the way, I have approached, getting ready for the end of the year, not even getting ready for Christmas, just getting ready, is that there’s not as clear and endpoint.

If you’re working towards having something organized, having something tidied, or having something finished, the endpoint is clear.

If you are just trying to make things a little bit better and not take on too much it’s very hard to tell when you’re done.

I’ve been working bit by bit in our storage room trying to get things just a little bit better and I think I’m now on my fourth time just essentially moving stuff around. I’ve gotten rid of some things and I have compacted things and I’ve donated things but mostly I’ve just been shifting things around to make them make more sense in the space they’re in.

This process will make it easier in the new year when I get to a more fine-grained tidying but I didn’t want to have a sense of not being finished for now.

But since I didn’t have a clear endpoint, since I’m not going to be actually finished, I had to make a decision about what finished looked like.

And I decided that it looked like having things be on shelves in a relatively orderly fashion, having stacks of boxes or containers in the corner, and not having any piles of stuff on top of anything.

And with that in mind, I could do this end stage of the tidying process in the storage room today and have a feeling of accomplishment when I was done.