Another gold star

As you know, I like drawing gold stars.

I was particularly pleased with how this one turned out.

Sometimes I decided to draw something because an idea flashes into my head and that’s how this one started.

My vision didn’t look like this though.

In my mind, the lines were forming triangles within one another. As in, lines extending from two points of the star would form a large triangle with the edge of the paper and then a smaller triangle would be within that one and another smaller one would be within that.

But I made a mistake with my first two lines and changed my plan in response.

I’m happy with where the mistake led me.

A drawing of a metallic gold star surrounded by blue and purple triangles.
A drawing of a metallic gold star on the centre of a series of triangles that are formed by lines extending from the star to the edge of the paper. The triangles are coloured in purples and blues and the overall effect is a bit like stained glass.