Cold day, warm memory

It snowed overnight and now there is freezing rain failing.

When I went downstairs this morning, I had a sudden recollection of a time with weather like this when I was in elementary school and I was hoping for a snow day.

I went downstairs relatively early and my Dad was in the kitchen listening to the radio a bit too loud. It was on VOCM, of course, because that was the school report station – at least as far as we were concerned.

I don’t remember any specifics of whether that was a snow day and, in fact, I don’t know if I am remembering one individual day or ‘what snowy days were like’ but what I do remember is how good it felt to have that little bit of extra time with my Daddy and the little bit of anticipation of a possible day off school.

It’s great that these memories pop up but I wish I could tell Dad about them. ?