New system

For ages, I have been trying to work on certain projects by doing them a little at a time and I hadn’t noticed that it had stopped working.

At one point, I had two projects that I returned to for 20 mins a day each weekday and it was really pulling me forward.

But then it stopped.

And I found myself challenged to fit those things into the day and I would reschedule them for the next day and still not get to them.

That left me feeling like they were hanging over me all the time and they felt unnecessarily heavy and frustrating, like they were bigger and tanglier than they are.

Last week, though, I switched to picking a longer period on one specific day of the week for each of the tasks and that feels lot better.

I didn’t get a lot done on either one yet but I no longer feel like they are haunting me so I think that bodes well overall.