On stories and planning

I had a great meeting yesterday about a story I am preparing with someone.

We were both exploring ways to make the story develop, to help it come to life, to make all the parts work, and it made me realize once again how much I want to get better at slow, deliberate work.

My natural instinct is to find the straightest line from idea to done. I assume that comes from a desire to ensure that I don’t forget or abandon the task at hand, a desire to let the urgency of the moment draw me forward.

But it comes at a cost.

Some of my work, especially my personal creative work, is not as developed as ai would like it to be, there are things left unexplored.

It’s not as good as it good be.

And I’m not putting myself down with this, I’m generally pretty pleased with my creative work, but it could be even better.

It’s could have more depth, more nuance, more meaning.

It could resonate with more people.

If I can learn to work slowly and give my ideas time and space to develop more fully.