Friday List

I’m almost at the end of Planuary and I feel pretty damn good about the pacing and scheduling of this month – even though I have been sick a fair bit.

I don’t feel overwhelmed.

I don’t feel done-in.

I don’t feel like I have been dragged along and dumped out at the end of the month.

These are all new feelings for me.

And I’m sure the majority of this is down to the fact that I am better medicated than ever but I also think that some of my choices from last month – the choice to finish soft for example- has made a big difference, too.

And now I am making a short list of creative projects for February:

1) Write 4 blog posts for my coaching blog

2) Draw and send 10 valentines

3) Create 1 informational zine

4) Send out 1 piece of flash fiction

5) Revise 25 pages of my novel

Now I need to schedule time to work on each of these things.