Tea and Art

Last night, while watching a movie, I made a bunch of patterned drawings* and I really liked how some of them turned out.

I had a few others that didn’t work for me but I didn’t include them in the photo.

It wasn’t exactly deliberate.

I had laid the ones that didn’t work to my left and the ones that did to my right, next to my tea.

I liked how the drawings looked next to my tea and snapped the photo.

A cup of tea and 4 drawings with repeated shapes and patterns
My large cup of tea in a glass cup with white stars on it and four drawings on rectangular pieces of paper. Other art supplies are present in the background. The drawings each feature their own repeated shapes, colours, and patterns. One has features red, blue, and black shapes with gold lines and dots, one features squares in different shades of green with gold dots, lines, and shapes, black shapes and dots and some black lines. One with circles in shades of blue and purple with black lines and dots. The fourth has blocks of bright pink, sweeping shapes of aqua and thick navy lines with some thin black lines as accents.

Then I spent a bit of time considering all of then while drinking my tea.

What is the difference between a bunch of shapes and lines on paper and a unified piece?

How can I tell which ones are done?

Do these pieces need something else?

Why didn’t the others work?

Which elements of these pieces would I carry forward into another project?

Is there anything from the other ones that might work in other contexts?

What other kind of practice should I do before practicing similar work in a larger format?

I don’t have the answers yet but I’m enjoying considering the questions.

*Is this abstract art? I was playing with colour and shapes but I wasn’t trying to express anything in particular so I’m not sure.