An early walk

First thing this morning I was debating whether I wanted to walk the dog in the pouring rain or wait until it started to snow.

It’s nicer to walk in a little snow than in a lot of rain…

But what if the wet sidewalks got slippery quickly once it started to snow?

And what if, once the snow started, it got messy really quickly?

Before I overthought it too much – I am really trying to stop looking to optimize – I bundled up and went out.

It was wet and chilly but, as usual, the imagined walk was harder than the actual one.

A dog in a hoodie stands on ice on a sidewalk.
Khalee, a medium sized, light haired dog in a green hoodie stands on old ice on a sidewalk and looks ahead. It’s ’looking ahead’ to her but,since this photo is from the side, to us she is looking toward the right side of the image.