Entirely too much snow

This is the view from my upstairs window.

A photo of a snowy suburban cul-de-sac taken from an upstairs window.
I took a photo through the window so we could get some perspective on the snow. We’ve already done a lot of snow-clearing but there’s a lot of damp, heavy snow everywhere. image description: a photo taken from my upstairs window showing our cul-de-sac with all kinds of snow everywhere. The plow scrapes a lot of our snow into a pile in the centre of the circle and there are mounds of snow on everyone’s lawns. It’s still snowing/raining so the sky is dull and everything has a light dusting of snow as well as the big piles everywhere. It’s really wintery out there.

This is not the most snow we have ever had from one storm but it has been a lot and it has been going on for two days.

The schools have been closed and the buses are off the roads, and I feel lucky that I didn’t have a lot of stuff going on over the last few days. (No heart wrenching cancellation decisions for me!)

I haven’t quite been able to just putter around but it has been pretty low key since no outside schedules were affecting my plans.