Note to Self

One of my goals for this year is to really focus on some creative projects.

I am constantly doing small, creative things and I operate from a creativity mindset, but I don’t always do a lot of projects.

My projects, I mean something that has a defined goal, a beginning, and an end. And at the end, I will have something to show for it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean I will have product of some sort or that I’ll have something that I can show someone else.

It means that I will have a defined sense of having reached the end of whatever it is I intended to work on.

Right now, I have three projects that I am making progress.

One of them is purely personal. One of them is quite casual and short. And the third would be a bit more public, but still very low-key.

I’m feeling very proud of myself for finding a straightforward, low-key way to practice doing projects.

Even though they’re not done yet, I can see how and when they will be.

Gold star for me!