How weird! (time and other stuff)

I completely forgot to do a post yesterday!

This is what comes of doing things out of order, I guess.

Well, I’ll have to keep that in mind from now on.

It’s funny, this feels like a very busy weekend but there’s only three fixed points in it.

This afternoon I’m hosting something online for an hour. This evening I have to go somewhere for an hour and tomorrow evening I’m performing at an event.

So I have big chunks of the day today and the whole daytime tomorrow but still my brain is feeling like ‘Well, that’s a really busy weekend.’

And I think that’s just a sign of how my time feels a bit slippery overall. I always have trouble with a mental clock and a mental calendar but over the past year it has been even more difficult to make the connection between the actual clock/calendar and the one in my brain. I’ve been caught by surprise more often than usual with things like not realizing that the 19th and Tuesday were the same day. Or forgetting that after lunch for me means after 2PM but for other people, it might mean 12:30.

I suspect that I need to spend more time figuring out a calendar and a schedule that is closer to my mental perception of both. And that I probably need more dedicated rest than I am regularly getting.

The rest is not going to come easy because this is a very busy time with setting up things for the future.

But I think that if I really focus for the next few days and then some of the next week, I will be able to get myself into a position where other people can take up more of the tasks at hand.