Putting a story together

Last night I have the privilege of joining a choir, a violinist, and an opera singer as part of a themed show about stories.

I was quite nervous.

Not about telling stories, per se. I mean, I still get a little nervous about that every time but this wasn’t regular nerves.

My story was being interspersed between other performances so I was dividing it into 3 sections. It was my choice to do so but I had never done that with a story before so it was a new experience.

Was I going to choose the right points to stop?

Could I bring them quickly back to my story when I took the stage again?

Would *I* be able to jump back into the mood of the story quickly?

Would the audience make the connections I needed them to make to earlier parts of the story?

This wasn’t overthinking (for a change!)

These were all valid things for me to consider, things I needed to work around or overcome in order for the story to work.

And I’m happy to say that I made the right choices and things came together marvellously.

It bodes well for my planned story show later in the year.