Finally, some clarity

After two full weeks of not being able to focus, of not being able to bring the right kind of attention to any given project, I am finally able to work on the things I have been trying to work on.

It’s very weird to not bake to draw the type of energy you need when you need it.

Over the past two weeks, I had multiple projects that I needed to work on. I know that the way to get them done is to settle into one and work away at it until I have made progress and then move on to the next one.

But, for the last two weeks, I couldn’t do that.

I wasn’t procrastinating. I wasn’t choosing not to work on the things. I was sitting at my desk doing…something…but it wasn’t working.

It felt almost like all of my projects had to get out of the same door and instead of filing out in a line, they were getting jammed in the doorway. They weren’t emerging into the space where I could work on them and they weren’t staying in the back of my mind. They were ever-present but still inaccessible.

I did all kinds of bits and pieces of them over the past two weeks, and bits of pieces of other things, but nothing satisfying, nothing complete.

I’m lucky that I am past the point where this would feel like a personal failing. By now, it just feels annoying to me.

But I do need to find a better solution than just waiting it out.

Waiting it out works but it takes way too long.