Starting Summer

Even though my kids are no longer in school, knowing that tomorrow is the last school day for the year still feels joyous to me.

Things change when kids get out of school – traffic is different, I can hear kids playing near my house, there are ball games at the field nearby, there’s a qualitative difference in the atmosphere.

And I want to really enjoy my summer this year.

Last summer, I was grief-stricken and my mind was foggy and I couldn’t make good plans. Instead, a lot of the time, I just ended up feeling reactive and like I was running from task to task.

I did have bright spots but I also felt really tired instead of rested by the time summer ended. (And don’t even talk to me about the Fall!)

So this year, I am trying to make good plans in advance and I am delegating some stuff and I am trying to prioritize fun.

I haven’t quite figured out how, yet, but it will happen.